Weddings at St Nicholas

Weddings are among the most important things we do at St Nicholas.  We aim to make your wedding day the best it can be and support you throughout your married life.


Who can be married at St Nicholas?


If either the bride or groom live in the parish of St Nicholas' or St Stephen we should be able to marry you.  


The rules have been recently relaxed to enable you to marry in your chosen church if you have a demonstrable link.  For more information please click here 


How much does it cost?


We would love to be able to offer weddings for free but there are some necessary fees.  We aim to keep things as low priced as possible and our fees are normally a fraction of the cost of the rest of your day.  Please visit the 'Parish Fees' page for this year's fees.


How do I make arangements?


Just contact the Rector....he loves marrying people!


I have SO many questions.  Who do I ask?


You're welcome to get in touch with us.  Please also visit our weddings page


Once your wedding is booked


We need to arrange to call your banns.  We call banns on the 1st three Sundays of the preceding month to your wedding.  Please click here to ask our weddings coordinator to make these arrangements or call her (Wendy) on 01277 231433.