Parish Fees

Please make all fees payable to 'Paul Hamilton's Church Fees Account' except where cash for various officers is requested.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Weddings       Service £455.00

Verger £40.00


Organist £75.00 (cash in seperate envelope please)


                        Optional extras


                        Bells £100



Baptisms Baptisms are free for all, however we welcome

                        contribution towards church funds.


Funeral with burial in church yard

(St Nicholas' and All Saints East Horndon.  

New grave or existing grave)


                            Service in St Nicholas' church £190.00

                            Burial in church yard £303.00

                    Organist £75.00 (Cash in seperate envelope


                            Verger £40.00 (Cash in seperate envelope



    Optional Extras

                            Bells £100 (Cash in seperate envelope please)

  Single bell as coffin enters church, £10 (Cash please)



Service at Crematorium or Cemetery


Service £195.00

                               Travel £20.00




Burial of ashes in garden of remembrance or existing grave,


Service £162.00

Digger £40.00 (cash please)



Burial of Ashes in Cemetery


Service £162.00

                               Travel, £20.00


Treehouse Lease