Burial of ashes in St Nicholas Garden of Remembrance

St Nicholas garden of remembrance is available for the burial of ashes of people who lived or die in the parish.

Space is limited however we will attempt to accomodate people who live outside the parish with a demonstrable link to St Nicholas' church.

Ashes are buried within a specified area that will remain unopened unless a reopening is requested for burial of loved one's ashes within the same plot.

Ashes are poured into the ground, we are unable to bury in caskets.

Charge for such interments are kept to a minimum to cover costs and contribute to the upkeep of the church/yard.

To make arrangements for the burial of ashes please click here to arrange a convenient time or call 01277 812452.

We will arrange a dignified service of remembrance in which the ashes are poured into the plot surrounded with prayers of thanksgiving for the life of your loved one and commendation back to God.

Following the burial of ashes inscriptions can be made on the remembrance stone - please click here to apply.

For costs please visit our fees page.