Bell ringing

At Ingrave we ring on 6 Bells. The oldest of these dates back to 1735. The newest was added in 1978. When bells are cast they have an inscription telling when and why they were made. Details of our bells are as follows. (The weights are given in cwt/quarters/pounds.


Bell Ringing

The sound of Church bells is one of the unique sounds of England. We have over 5,000 ringing peals(sets of bells) whilst the rest of the world has 70.

Over the centuries the bells became an essential part of life not only by calling people to church but also to tell them of important events and to give warnings. Coronations, Royal weddings, festivals, great victories and many more events are celebrated with the ringing of bells. During the war there was no ringing, as the bells were to be used as a warning against invasion. Finally the bells were rung to show our victory.

The Art of Bell ringing

Bells are rung full circle. This means that the bell turns a complete circle when it makes one ring. The bell starts mouth up, swings all the way round and ends mouth up again. It is them made to swing back the other way. 

A bell hung for full circle ringing

It is stopped from continuing round by a stay and a slider. This method of handling big bells enables the ringer to place the sound accurately and the sound rings out while the bell is pointing upwards.

Learning to Bell Ring

People from all walks of life and  of all ages learn to ring. You are never too old to begin!

First you need to learn bell handling; how to make the bell go fast and slow and how to make it sound at the right time. Then there is the challenge of learning the different methods(patterns).

When each bell is rung once it is called a change. Experienced ringers might ring a peal: 5040 changes without errors. This takes around 3 hours, so more often a quarter peal might be attempted.


Ringers usually  practice in their local church, but you will always be made welcome at other practices.There are the standard methods that are rung at most towers so you can join in with any band and ring. It is exciting to ring other bells as they all  sound and handle differently.


Remember you need to have a person a bell, therefore ringing is automatically a social event! Why not ask one of us about it, or come and try it out.

The Ingrave Ringers -


For further information on ringing or learning to ring contact:

Wendy Olley 01277 232538


Our practice night is Wednesday 7.45 – 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.